TWS Home Inventory


About Our Company

Carrie Mitchell founded TWS Home Inventory in 2012 after helping victims of the Waldo Canyon fire try to recover from their loss. It was in the aftermath of the fire that Mitchell realized how much heartache and stress could be avoided with a professionally detailed inventory. Her vision for a company who can provide the information both owners and adjusters need was the start of TWS Home Inventory.

Our TWS Home Inventory team has grown to over 25 employees completing well over 300 inventories since July 2012. TWS Home Inventory began serving California residents in summer 2014 and East Coast residents in fall 2014. We hope to continue expanding into new opportunities across the U.S. with the latest home inventory technology available to better serve our clients ahead of tragedy’s reach.

Mitchell and TWS Home Inventory have been featured in the Colorado Springs Journal, the Gazette, SCORE, FOX News National, FOX News Business, and several TV and radio shows since our inception.

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