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According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, 59 percent of consumers don’t have any form of an inventory of assets. (Source: NAIC) Many of those with a home inventory haven’t updated their records or included important documentation, such as serial numbers and manufacturer details.

A properly documented home inventory may be your most valuable assets, in fact it may be the difference between a disputed claim and a paid claim. Many clients have told us that their inventory simplified the claims process or identified crucial gaps in coverage allowing them to obtain the necessary rider to be properly insured. Unfortunately, many DIY home inventory apps and home inventory checklists are incomplete and ill-equipped to fully capture the true value of all your belongings. They also cannot communicate the documentation needs and expectations of all parties, including insurance providers, involved in the claims process.

Our background in insurance claim processing makes us uniquely qualified to serve both owners and adjusters throughout the claims process. Our in-depth custom inventory process helps owners navigate and recover from some of life’s most difficult situations:

  • Wildfire
  • Flood
  • Prenuptial Discussion
  • Hurricane
  • Lightning
  • Divorce
  • Tornado
  • Theft
  • Estate Planning

Your safety and privacy is our priority

All TWS Home Inventory employees undergo an extensive background check. TWS Home Inventory is also fully bonded and insured. Our cloud-based inventory management system includes a multi-level, securely compartmentalized process designed to maintain your full confidentiality.

Appraisal needs for specialty assets

Our inventory specialists are trained to identify and document specialty assets that require certified appraisal for proper insurance coverage. Items such as antiques, firearms, art, limited edition collectibles, and other valuable and unique assets are just some of the types of specialty items that are often wrongly assumed to be included under standard insurance coverage. For a nominal fee per item, TWS Home Inventory can obtain a certified appraisal for these specialty items with the rest of your assets during the inventory process.

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